The delivery of the Borough of Redditch Local Plan is considered to be an iterative process and the Council aims to constantly strive for improvement through monitoring and consideration of best practice advice.

Given the length of the plan period, it is inevitable that some aspects of the Local Plan will become outdated. In addition, there are likely to be considerable changes in economic conditions, public opinion and political and government priorities. Other wider issues such as energy supply, climate change, technology development and flood risk are also likely to change over the plan period. Therefore it is important to carry out regular monitoring to identify where elements of the plan may need reviewing.

In order to successfully achieve this, the Council produces an Authority Monitoring Report on an annual basis. This sets out the extent to which policies in the Local Plan are being implemented, and assesses whether the implementation of these policies is having the intended effect.

In addition to the Authority Monitoring Report the Council is also committed to undertake monitoring of Housing Land Supply and Employment Land Supply, including annual updates to the five year land supply to make sure housing delivery comes forward as anticipated.