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Supplementary Planning Documents

High Quality Design SPD (2019)

The High Quality Design SPD provides guidance on the implementation of local planning policies in the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No.4 (BORLP4) and will be a material planning consideration in the determination of planning applications. Guidance is provided on a range of issues including:

  • Layout and proposed development;
  • Views and vistas;
  • Ease of movement, connectivity and legibility;
  • Designing out crime, including through 'Secured by Design';
  • Private amenity space and public open space;
  • Boundary treatments and landscaping;
  • Lightning and noise impacts;
  • Overlooking and space standards.

The SPD was adopted by the Borough Council on 24th June 2019 - download the adoption statement here.

A consultation summary document detailing the consultation undertaken during preparation of the SPD can be downloaded here.

Planning Obligations for Education Contributions SPD (2007)

The purpose of this SPD is to provide further guidance and expand upon the current adopted policies on planning obligations previously set out in Policy L.2 of the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No.3. and Policy IMP.1 of the Worcestershire County Structure Plan 1996-2011.

Further reading on this:

Open Space Provision SPD (2007)

The purpose of this Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was to provide more detailed guidance on Policy R.3 'Provision of Informal Unrestricted Open Spaces', Policy R.4 'Provision and Location of Children's Play Areas', and Policy R.5 'Playing pitch provision' of the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No.3 (LP No.3).

Local Plan No.3 set standards for the provision of informal unrestricted open spaces in relation to new housing development.

Designing for Community Safety SPD (2006) - NOW SUPERSEDED

The purpose of this Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is to promote the principles of community safety and crime prevention through the design and development process to ensure that environments in Redditch are safe, sustainable and attractive.

There are many different approaches to crime prevention and there is some debate as to the most appropriate methods. However, there is strong guidance on this issue from the Government through its document 'Safer Places' (ODPM & Home Office, 2004) which promotes a range of measures in support of well designed sustainable places that do not fail people and stand the test of time.

It is intended that the guidance in this SPD promotes crime prevention measures in support of general good design and 'place 'making' principles.

This guidance should therefore sit alongside a range of other Policy and Guidance at the national, regional and local level in particular the Government's guidance on design and Supplementary Planning Guidance 'Encouraging Good Design' (2001).

Encouraging Good Design SPG (2001) - NOW SUPERSEDED

The Borough Council has produced this Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG) to provide detailed guidance on how a high standard of design could be achieved in new developments.

Employment Land Monitoring SPG (2003)

The purpose of this document was to respond to requests for clarification from Worcestershire’s District Councils about identifying exactly what types of sites/buildings contribute to meeting the employment land provisions set out in old Worcestershire County Structure Plan Policy D.19.

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