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Elections Staffing and Recruitment

Earn some extra money and get involved in democracy by working as a temporary team member at election time 

When elections take place we recruit extra staff to run polling stations and count votes. We hold a database of staff who we contact prior to each election to ask about their availability, if you're enthusiastic about supporting the democratic process please read the job descriptions below and apply below. 


  • At least 18 years old
  • Entitled to work in the UK (in accordance with the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996)
  • Not be employed by or related to a potential candidate

Available Jobs

Polling Station Staff

Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks man polling stations across Bromsgrove from 6:30 am until just after 10 pm on the day of poll. They are responsible for ensuring the ballot is conducted correctly, as well as opening and closing the station and issuing ballot papers to voters. 

For the Poll Clerks job description can be found here

For Presiding Officer job description can be found here

Count Staff

Counting Assistants help verify the total number of ballot papers in each ballot box and count the votes cast.  

For the Count Assistant job description click here

Rates of pay

The rates of pay for election staff vary depending on the job role and the type of election.

For example, the fees (before tax) for the 2022 elections were:

  • £168.40 for a poll clerk
  • £76.50 for a count assistant (this was the average payment, because counts are paid by the hour)

You can indicate on your application form whether you want to work in a polling position or a counting position and you'll be considered for all jobs in those fields.


If you're interested in working for us at election time please click here to complete the application form. 

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