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Current elections

From 4 May 2023 voters in England will need to show voter ID to vote at polling stations in these elections. For more information please see our dedicated page on voter ID

Redditch Borough Council election results

Redditch Local Elections took place on Thursday 4 May 2023, the results and videos of the declarations can be found below:

Borough Wards:

Please note that there were no elections in Central or Lodge Park wards scheduled for 4 May 2023.

Ever wondered what goes on at an election count?

This is a timelapse video of the proceedings on the night of 4 May 2023.

Voter ID data in the 4 May 2023 elections

16,283 ballot papers were issued.

The Electoral Commission has given guidance on what headline data can be made public regarding Voter ID. This is:

  • The number of polling station electors who applied for, but were not issued with, a ballot paper in the polling station was 60.
  • The number of polling station electors who were not issued with a ballot paper and who later returned with accepted ID and were issued with a ballot paper was 40.

The number of polling station electors who applied for but were not issued with a ballot paper by close of poll was 20.

Notice of election agents

Notice of Election Agents at these elections: The Notice of Election Agents can be found here

Parish Council: Feckenham Parish. The Notice of Uncontested Election for Feckenham Parish can be found here.

Information for Candidates and Agents standing for election on 4 May 2023

This section covers information for those that are interested in standing as a candidate for the Redditch Borough Council elections.

A timetable of key dates for the 4 May elections can be found here.

For the purpose of expense returns the electorate for each ward can be found here.

Previous elections 

By Elections held on Thursday 1 September 2022:

More information

For further information please contact Electoral Services on 01527 881421 or email