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Annual canvass 2021

You need to be registered to be able to vote in any election or referendum for which you are eligible. We run an annual canvass to ensure the electoral register is up to date.

Central Government has reformed the way the Annual Canvass is conducted, every household will receive some form of communication but unlike in previous years you may not have to make a return to the form sent to the property.

Now each year data from the electoral roll will be matched with central Government records as a confirmation of valid electors.

In July

In early July we will be sending an email to residents, where we hold an email address, encouraging them to check that their information is up to date. The email gives instructions on how to update their details within the household. If householders take action on this email we can save money by not posting out further forms.

From 22 July a letter will be delivered to every property in Redditch where everyone in the household matched with Government records. Anyone already registered at the address will be listed on the form and if everything on the letter is correct you don't have to do anything. That's it, canvass complete!

If things have changed, such as another person coming to live at or someone leaving the property, just follow the instructions on the letter to make the changes.

Please remember that you must respond to this letter ONLY if there is a change. 

In August

Where one or more persons did not match the records held with central Government letters, requesting further information, will be sent from 6 August. Someone in the household must respond to this letter.

The easiest and safest way is by going online, this only takes a few minutes.

Please use the web address and security code on the letter to make any changes online. Adding a name in this way is not a registration, to register any new people at the property they will need to go to

If the details are correct you can also confirm them by either:

  • phoning the number on the letter
  • texting NOCHANGE, followed by the security code on the letter

If you have received a Canvass Form you have the option to complete in pen, sign it and return by post. We are however discouraging this method as the other methods work out cheaper for the Council.

It is extremely important that if your letter asks you to respond that you do it as quickly as possible. This means:

  • It will save money for your Council by us not having to print and send required reminders
  • We will not have to send out a canvasser (which legislation requires to do for non-responders) to your property

During the canvass period we will:

  • deliver canvass communications to all properties in Redditch
  • deliver a reminder to properties who have not responded where a response is required
  • send canvassers, where necessary and as a last resort, to properties to encourage residents to complete the forms
  • publish register on 1 December 2021