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Contact: Planning Enquiries contact details

Team phone

01527 881770

Team email


Redditch Town Hall
Walter Stranz Square
Redditch Town Centre
B98 8AH


Please allow additional connection time when contacting us by telephone to enable your call to be successfully re-routed.

Please note that the Duty Officer service available via the Development Management Team telephone number is available Monday - Friday between 10:00am - 2:00pm.

Planning appeals

If you do not agree with a decision we have made on a planning application or enforcement matter, or if we do not make a decision within the set time limits, you can appeal

Planning permission

Normally if you wish to develop land or buildings you will have to apply to us for planning permission. Find out about our pre-application service and fees and how to submit your application here

Submit a planning application

Calculate your fees and submit your application, Make sure you include everything that's required!

View and comment on applications

You can view and comment on planning applications and related documents here

Work in conservation areas

In conservation areas normal permitted development rights may not apply and you may need a special type of planning permission called Conservation Area Consent.

Work on listed buildings

If you want to do any kind of work on any part of a listed building you may need Listed Building Consent from us