Voluntary and Community Sector Grant Funding

Warning Sign Tiny Coronavirus update: The VCS Grant Programme 2020/2021 has changed to support the best possible outcomes for Redditch residents and communities. For all the council's Coronavirus updates, press here.

Main Grants

VCS groups can bid for funding from £500 up to £5,000 to help with their core costs and salaries or to support them to deliver great community events, projects and activities! The Main Grants pot now consists of two funding rounds as follows:

  • Round two (approximately £17k) - this round will take place in September/October - more details to follow.

The Financial Advice and Problem Solving Grant

This funding is to contribute to the delivery of a financial advice and problem solving service for the whole borough and its residents. 

The Financial Advice and Problem Solving Grant (£50k per year for the next three years) - this funding round is now closed. See our Grants Already Awarded pages for further details.

Service information

Redditch Borough Council is committed to supporting voluntary community sector organisations to deliver projects and activities that have a positive and beneficial impact on Redditch and its residents.

We offer support through a variety of ways: in-kind support, partnership working and through direct financial support.

Our VCS Grants Programme makes financial contributions to support VCS groups and organisations that actively assist the Redditch community to enjoy a better quality of life.