Affordable housing and you

An element of affordable housing element is required on all new residential schemes in Redditch.

There is a clear local need for affordable housing and we want to help deliver it without delay: studies of Redditch's housing needs indicate a substantial shortfall of affordable homes in the Borough. We therefore try to make you aware of your obligations in respect of affordable housing as early as possible in the development process to help avoid delays later on.

We usually expect affordable housing elements to be:

  1. Provided on-site on sites of 11 or more dwellings;
  2. Integrated into the wider development and throughout the layout of the scheme, rather than all being located on one part of the site;
  3. 30% of all dwellings on sites should be affordable and agreed via a Section 106 Agreement. In some cases, provision on an alternative site or a commuted sum may be appropriate;
  4. To high standards of design including compliance with current local planning policy;
  5. Sites of 10 dwellings or less which have a maximum combined gross internal floorspace of more than 1000 sq.m may be required to provide a commuted sum towards off site affordable housing provision
  6. Managed by an approved Registered Social Landlord.

Affordable housing policy: our three themes

  1. Providing high quality homes in mixed sustainable communities for those in need
  2. Widening the opportunities for home ownership
  3. Offering greater quality, flexibility and choice to those who rent.

Next steps

We strongly advise that you read all the relevant parts of the Redditch Borough Development Plan documents as part of your research of all the conditions and policy requirements that may affect the economic viability of site development, before you seek planning permission or buy land. 

Contact us for more detailed advice on:

  1. Our requirements in terms of affordable housing provision
  2. Any information you need to progress a planning application
  3. How to fully appraise the cost of providing the affordable housing within the land purchase price and the overall development costs.

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