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Safe Disposal Syringes and Sharps
How to dispose of your hazardous waste including what to do with syringes and sharps boxes
School Admissions
a link to Worcestershire County Council School Admissions page
School, Education and Learning
link to Worcestershire County Council School, Education and Learning page
Seated Exercise
Fun and sociable exercise classes for wheel chair users or people looking for a seated option
Senior Officers’ Declarations of Gifts and Hospitality
Published declarations, Senior Officers’ Declarations of Gifts and Hospitality can be found here
Septic tanks and cesspool emptying
If you have a septic tank, cesspit or cesspool we can empty it for you at low cost. This service is provided by Bromsgrove District Council.
Service Charges - a guide
Your share of the landlord’s costs is known as a service charge. These vary considerably. See here for details.
If you have difficulty walking you can register to use our equipment to help you get around Redditch town centre.
Site Location Details
Here are location details for our allotments, car parks, parks and open spaces, woodlands, and more.
Small business rate relief
Could your small businesses be paying less tax through a discount on your business rates?
Here is all the content for our Space theme
Spark of Success For Taxis Across Bromsgrove
Ten charge points, for taxi drivers to use, will be installed in Bromsgrove after a successful bid by the District Council for £300,000 of Government cash.
Special needs adaptations
If you need to make changes to your home to help you continue to live independently, we can help.
Sponsor a roundabout
Are you looking for a new way to promote your business? Sponsor our roundabouts to advertise to up to 21,000 passing vehicles a day for as little as £2,400 a year.
Sponsor someone to move from a non-EU country
For you to sponsor someone to move here from a non-EU country a property the person will move into has to pass an inspection.
Sponsorship enquiries
Contact the sponsorship enquiries team.
Sports and activities
Here are our sports and activities for you, including details and prices where applicable.
Sports Coaches - vacancies
Redditch Sports development are looking for Sport Coaches, find out more about the role and apply here
Springs Eternal public art
A brand new piece of public art sprung up in Redditch in 2017. See pictures and find out more here.
Start a market stall or street trade
Market stalls and street trading have lower overheads and you can be very flexible in how you run your business.
Starting a business
If you are thinking of starting a business, we've got lots of support for you from staff training and licenses to premises. Find out more here!
Starting Well Partnership in Worcestershire
Starting Well Partnership in Worcestershire is here to support you and your family.
Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)
Here you will find details of the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).
Staying healthy
Information, advice and local support to help you stay healthy
Street cleaning
Working together for a cleaner, safer Redditch. Report litter, dog fouling and abandoned vehicles
Street Collections
Information about the permission you need to collect money for charity in the street
Street lighting faults
an external link to Worcestershire County Councils report an issue page
Street naming and numbering
You can change or get a new postcode, street name or number here.
Street Parties
If you want to plan and run an event on our land, no matter the size of your event we can support you to do it.
Street Signs
Street signs can be damaged or in need of replacing. Please tell us here what the problem is
Strength and Balance
Strong and steady. This scheme is supported by the NHS and is specifically designed to help people who have problems with strength and balance.
strong and steady
Strong and steady. This scheme is supported by the NHS and is specifically designed to help people who have problems with strength and balance.
Stuff to do for You-th
A directory of activities for young residents in Bromsgrove and Redditch.
Submit a Planning Application
Calculate your fees and submit your application, Make sure you include everything that's required!
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Support at home
Need support at home? Maybe we can help you
Supporting your Family
Family support services: Child health clinics, support for families with children with Autism and Asperger's, and Parenting help and support
Sustainability funding and help
Starting a business or have an existing business, need sustainability help and funding?