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Here's everything you need to rent a garage from us, from payments to cancellations.
Garden bonfires
These services are provided by Worcestershire Regulatory Services. Find more information and links to their website here.
Garden Waste Service
Find out all you need to know about garden waste service here
Gas boilers and central heating
If you're a council tenant here are common boiler problems, repairs, and info on your annual gas safety checks to protect you and your family.
Gas boilers
We can help with a range of repairs or maintenance issues, including when your landlord isn't being reasonable. Find out more here!
Gender Pay Gap Reporting
UK companies with 250 or more employees must publish their gender pay gap data by April 2018, you can find out about the councils report here.
Getting around
Getting around the Borough
Golf at Pitcheroak Golf Course
Pitcheroak Golf Course is a municipal course established in 1913. You don't need to be a member to play!
GOV.UK Temporary Event Notice
link to the GOV.UK website
link to GP search on NHS Choices website
Grants and advice energy efficiency
From time to time there are grants available to help with energy saving measures. Our independent energy advice partners Act on Energy can advise you.
Grants and funding
You can often get grants and funding to help your business, including for voluntary and community operations and sports clubs. Find out more here.
Grants for energy efficiency
There are a number of schemes available to help with the cost of fitting energy saving improvements in your home. Here's more from the Energy Saving Trust.
Greater Birmingham Housing Market Area - Strategic Growth Study
Presenting the 2018 Greater Birmingham and Black Country Housing Market Area (GBBCHMA) Strategic Growth Study
Green Bin - What goes in?
Find out what you can put in your bins, including paper, cartons, plastic, glass, metal and more.
Green business directory
A directory of green businesses from the Carbon Trust.
Report highway issues and faults such as; potholes, street lights, traffic lights, gritting, bridges, spills to Worcestershire County Council here.
Groups for Parents and Carers
Find out more about Triple P Discussion Groups, Understanding your child.
Growing business
If you are an existing business, we've got lots of support for you. Find out more here!
We've got gymnasiums that you can book at each of our sports centres.
Gypsies and travellers
All you need to know about encampments of gypsies and travellers