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Family Links Experience
Hayley’s experience of attending a triple p group in Redditch (Video Clip)
FAQs About Leisure Answered
Redditch residents can find out more about changes to the Borough Council’s Leisure Services.
FAQ's for Waste Collection Services
Find answers to your frequently asked questions
Feckenham Parish Council budget
Here are the budgets and accounts of Feckenham Parish Council, which only sets a precept within its parish area.
Feckenham Parish Council
Here you can find out more regarding Feckenham Parish Council
Feckenham parish neighbourhood plan
Neighbourhood Planning allows local people to come together to decide how they want their area to develop.
Feed In Tariff
Get paid to generate electricity through the Feed In Tariff. Here's more info from the Energy Saving Trust .
Filming and Recording Committee Meetings
This page provides further information about the Council's protocol for filming and recording public Committee meetings.
Services relating to financial matters are provided by the Revenues, Benefits and Financial Services Sections of the Council’s Finance and Corporate Resources Directorate
Financial support
Citizens Advice Bureau and Job Centre Plus Information
Find a sports club
Find local sports clubs with these useful search tools!
Find a Trader
external link to The Find a Trader service from Worcestershire Regulatory Services
Find it in Worcestershire
Here you can post contract opportunities and view opportunities from various companies in Worcestershire.
Find me a home
Find somewhere to live in Redditch here, including renting a home from us or other landlords and if you're at risk of homelessness.
Find your polling station
an external link to help you find your polling station
Fire safety
Fire kills. Check your home and make sure that it is fire safe, especially the kitchen.
Flooding Information
Flooding can happen anywhere at anytime, even miles away from rivers. Find out more here.
Fly tipping
If you have spotted a fly-tip, or you are concerned about a littered area, please tell us as soon as you can and help us keep Redditch clean.
Food businesses
We can help your food businesses - find out more from Worcestershire Regulatory Services here.
Food complaints
Here's how to report mislabelled, mouldy, contaminated or poor quality foods to Worcestershire Regulatory Services.
Ask us about football sessions and activities on grass and indoor pitches in our area.
Forge Mill Museum
Forge Mill Needle Museum tells an unusual and fascinating story of our local history. Did you know Redditch was a global capital of industry? Find out more here!
Information on reporting fraud - including Housing Benefit fraud and Council Tax Support fraud
Free School Meals
a link to Worcestershire County Council to apply for free school meals
Freedom of information
You can find everything about the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and making FOI requests here.
Fun in parks and woodlands
There are lots of outdoor activities near you - find out more here.
Fun Session
Large Inflatable Pool Fun sessions at Abbey Stadium