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Early years
Groups and sessions for the under 5's
Elections Staffing and Recruitment
Earn some extra money and get involved in democracy by working as a temporary team member at election time
Find out all you need to know about Elections and the Electoral processes
Electoral register
Get on the electoral register (sometimes called the electoral roll), or update your name or address details, here.
Electrical safety
Here is some advice on keeping the electrics in your home safe.
Emergency Out of Hours
Contact Emergency Out of Hours
Emergency repairs
We can help with a range of repairs or maintenance issues, including when your landlord isn't being reasonable. Find out more here!
Employment Land Supply
This document presents data on employment land supply in Redditch, which contributes to meeting the Borough's Local Plan employment requirement.
Empty homes
Empty homes can attract vandalism and anti-social behaviour, and are a wasted resource, so we try to bring them back into use.
Empty Property Discounts
Empty property discount may be applied from the date that a property is made empty.
Encampments of gypsies and travellers
All you need to know about encampments of gypsies and travellers
End a tenancy
Find out about the process ending your tenancy with the council
Energy efficiency
Here are a range of things, large and small, that you can do in your home to save money and reduce your impact on the environment.
Engagement and Equalities
Redditch Council are committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination and promoting equal opportunities. Find out more and get involved here.
English courses
Return to work or education by improving your skills and building confidence at Learningonline Redditch. Courses in computers, English and maths.
Equality Strategy
The Strategy sets out our commitment for progressing equality over the next four years.
Essential Living Fund
in a crisis essential goods or food vouchers, but not cash, may be available from us.
Events in Redditch
From outdoor music festivals to local events, there are always things going on in Redditch. Find out more here!
Examination in Public
You will find news related to the formal examination in public of the Borough of Redditch Local Plan No.4 here.
Extra Care Housing
Extra Care Housing – A home for life. Suitable for tenants aged 60 years and older. Find out more about Extra Care Housing here