The Abbey Stadium has two pools, a 25m x 13m main pool at a depth of 0.9m to 2m, and a 13m x 10m learner pool more suitable for younger children with a constant depth of 0.9m.

Our pool offers a range of public, private, learning and club activities. See the timetable on this page to discover more.

Customer Notices

Saturday & Sunday Leaner Pool band system Sunday Wristbands

In order to ensure fairness to everybody we will operate a timed/band system at peak times.

This is to ensure everybody is guaranteed 1 hour in the Learner pool and, equally, to ensure customer are not waiting around wondering when they will next be allowed into the pool.

Our advice is to come in as early as possible to guarantee a time slot you would like.

You can always phone ahead and inform the receptionist what time you would like to swim and we can pencil you in a slot. However, please be mindful that is sessions are full you will have to wait until the next time slot is available.

Swimming Pool Timetables

Term Time Timetable
Jan 2nd 2018 Main Pool & Learner Pool

Summer Holiday Timetables

Main Pool
Mon 30th July - Fri 31st August

Learner Pool
Mon 30th July - Fri 3rd August