Morton Stanley Festival 2017

And we're done for another year! Thanks to everyone that came. We'll leave all the festival info up here for a while longer.



Time and place

Saturday 19th August, 12.30pm - 11pm and Sunday 20th August, 1pm - 7pm!

Here are directions to the festival including car parking, and a bus route map.



  • 5.15pm BIG WOLF BAND


Featuring Locked In Radio!

Bringing you the best new music along with some old school classics. Playing mixes from some of the best DJ's with live scheduled shows throughout the week. They appeal to a wide audience and play for everyone's enjoyment.  Check them out at the DJ Tent! Here's their website.

Mini street food festival

There's British and international flavours on the menu this year. Here are the details of the mini street food festival.

Full schedules

  1. Festival Schedule
  2. Band Line Up Saturday Afternoon
  3. Band Line Up Saturday Evening
  4. Band Line Up Sunday

Providing a safe and enjoyable festival

Conditions of entry

  • Redditch Borough Council and their representatives reserve the right to refuse entry.
  • Please do not bring large bags to the festival.  Small bags are allowed and must not be left unattended.
  • Glass bottles and glass containers are not permitted on site and will be confiscated.
  • On entry to the music field members of the public may be subject to checks as a condition of entry.
  • Those found in possession of drugs or weapons will be reported to the police and will face exclusion and arrest.
  • Anyone likely to cause crime or disorder will be refused entry.

Public safety

  • There is a bar on site, but please drink sensibly.
  • A person commits the offense of public intoxication if he appears in a public place while intoxicated to the degree that he is a danger to himself or to another.
  • The public are not permitted to bring drones to the event.
  • Responsible dog owners are welcome.  Please keep your dog on a lead, out of tents and clean up after your dog.
  • Please do not bring gazebos or tents to the festival. Small sun shelters are permitted.
  • Barbeques are not permitted on site; there are a variety of stalls from which food may be purchased at the festival.
  • Please put your litter in the bins provided across the festival site.


  • There will be a short firework display on the festival event site (weather conditions pending) on the Saturday evening. Please follow official event staff’s instructions regarding restricted areas at all times in the interest of your own safety.
  • Please respect the need to keep noise to a minimum when leaving the Festival site in particular late on the evening of Saturday 19th August at 11pm.

Event car parking

  • Disabled access to the park has its limitations. Some limited parking arrangements have been put in place. Please see website for details.
  • Car parking for the event is made available at Green Lane which is as close to the event as possible. All other vehicles are strictly on site by arrangement with Redditch Borough Council’s events team. Redditch borough council reserve the right to refuse entry of any unauthorised vehicle. A limited public transport service is available during the weekend. Please see Redditch Borough Council’s website for further information.


  • Research about visitors’ views of the event will be carried out during the weekend. We would encourage visitors’ participation when asked for your views.
  • An information tent will be in the main event arena. All public enquiries will be taken here as well as any queries about lost children.
  • 4G/3G internet coverage (quality dependent upon your network provider) is available on site. We would encourage you to use it and to spread the word about the success of the event on the day.
  • For all official accurate and up to date information and statements about the event during the weekend please use the Event page on Morton Stanley Festival’s Facebook page.
  • Redditch Borough Council’s events team reserve the right to make changes to the published programme as a result of weather conditions and other unforeseen circumstances. Please see Event page of Morton Stanley Facebook page for all official accurate and up to date information and statements about the event.
  • Please respect instructions issued by official event staff at all times for your safety. In the event of an emergency exit from the outdoor venue please follow the instructions of official event staff.