Redditch Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 was on Saturday 28th January.

Holocaust Speaker - Mirsad Solaković

Mirsad Solaković was born in the North West of Bosnia-Herzegovina in a town called Kozarac in the region of Prijedor; an area which suffered numerous massacres and war crimes during the conflict

When the war broke out his school was turned into what is now known as Trnopolje concentration camp, where Mirsad was tortured and tormented by his old school teachers, who became the prison guards. He has spoken about these experiences on various media including; Sky News, World News, BBC News, BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio News. In 1992 he escaped to England with his immediate family.

At a young age he developed an interest in acting, as he was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Acting helped him to overcome his nightmares and flash backs. The beginning of Mirsad's acting career was linked to Bosnian war and he played many roles where he was a victim of a war or a soldier. He was awarded BA (HONS) Degree in Theatre Studies and Professional Practice, from Coventry University, which allowed him to further study drama at the Birmingham School of Acting; obtaining a Masters degree in Acting.

As well as writing pieces for theatre, Mirsad has acted in plays and performances both in the UK and in Bosnia. His career has more recently been focused on his Bosnian community in Birmingham, centred around the Bosnian UK Network. Here he often participates in various events and programmes; he has written and performed various plays there focusing on the Bosnian war. He is actively engaged in voluntary work, and in his free time he works with children, and uses acting as a therapy for mental and physical illness. He has also generated humanitarian initiatives, organising convoys to his homeland during the recent floods.

Holocaust Memorial Day exists to help us to honour the memory of all victims of genocide and atrocity in the world and to strive to ensure that we do not allow such things to occur again.


For more information see:  www.hmd.org.uk