Green Recycling Bin

All the items below can go in your Green Recycling Bin.

Please rinse bottles and containers to remove food.  Put items directly into green bin – loose and not in a carrier / plastic bag!

We’re keeping it simple – no need to check items for numbers or recycling symbols, if it’s listed below it can go in!

  • Paper
  • Card
  • Plastic bottles (tops on), pots tubs & trays
  • Food tins, drinks cans & aerosols
  • Cartons (juice or food Tetra Pak style)
  • Glass bottles and jars

If it’s not on the list do not put it in your green bin.

What happens at the Envirosort plant?

For a more detailed list of recyclables please take a look at the Envirosort Website.

Thank you for recycling

Recycle Poster