Bulky collections

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If you have bulky household items like bed bases, mattresses, 3 piece suites, fridges etc that you no longer want, we can take them away at a reasonable cost.

If they could be re-used please consider using a recycling charity such as Boomerang Reuse instead, you can contact them here.

To book the service using a credit/debit card

  • Ring us
  • Have payment details ready
  • Tell us what items you want collecting be as detailed as possible (i.e. size, height, weight, can 2 people lift the item)
  • Tell us where the items will be left for collection
  • Make sure the item(s) are accessible i.e. no cars in the way blocking drive, no hazardous materials in the way dog foul, high steps, gates etc

Once you've booked and paid we will:

  • Confirm the day of collection
  • Give you a booking reference and receipt number.

We can provide quotes for unusual items or a number of items and may be able to provide assistance with removal from the house for an additional fee. Please call to discuss.

Book a collection

To book a bulky collection please call us here.

We would ideally need 48 hours notice before booking, however it depends on the demand.


Prices start from £8.20 depending on the items you wish to dispose of.

Our service operates between 8am - 3pm, Monday to Friday (depending on availability)

Here is a list of items we can't take, therefore, need to taken to the household waste site.