Children & Young People Funding

Are you an organisation that wants to engage young people in sport?

  • The CYP funding is aimed at people who are not particularly sporty but would like to get more active.
  • The funding is inclusive and targets a variety of young people including those who are female, have a disability and people from black and minority ethnic groups.
  • The funding can be used to help cover the cost of coaches, incentives, equipment, facilities costs and much more.
  • The programme offers six-to-eight weeks' worth of coaching sessions in a variety of sports and physical activity.

Dance At HoW College Redditch

A dance project for learners with special educational needs ran successfully from the Redditch campus. Many learners are sedentary in their lifestyles and there is a real need to give them opportunities to participate in regular accessible exercise to improve their health and fitness. There is also a need to improve communication/social skills and performance art is a great way to facilitate this

The learners have gained greater confidence in their own abilities because of their individual achievements during this project. They have also had the opportunity to practise their social skills in an alternative setting to the college classroom. These skills are transferable to other settings out in the community, enabling greater participation in a wider variety of activities 

Some learners are keen to join recreational classes that include dance and performance art after the project ends. All learners have been given information about local groups that provide these types of activities. In college we will be incorporating dance activities in our timetable so that all leaners get the opportunity to further develop their expressive dance skills. The groups tutor has dance skills that will enable her to lead similar group activities in the future, incorporating some of the ideas that students participated in during the project.

Participants said:

‘It’s nice to do something different.  It helps me keep fit because its good exercise and I get to do it with all my friends. Dancing makes me happy and I can learn something new'

'I like throwing the ball and keeping the balloon off the floor. The music is good.  I like doing things in a circle because I can watch the others.  My favourite bit is the stretching at the end.  It was difficult for me at first but I'm getting good at that now. I liked it when we did the Tai Chi as well’.

'I’ve started to go to a dance activity on Friday night with my friends. I like having a go at lots of things.'

Yoga at  HoW College in Redditch

A group of young women have taken part in a six week beginners yoga class, which was funded by Redditch Borough council in a bid to get the young people more active as the majority taking part where active for less than 30 minutes a week. The class was run in the college to make it accessible to the young people and free mats were provided as an incentive for completing at least 5 out of six weeks, enabling them to continue at home or in a locally run class.  


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