Change of circumstances for housing benefits

If you are getting benefits and your address or other circumstances change, you must tell us straight away. This is so that you get the right amount of benefit and you are not breaking the law.

Do not rely on anyone else to tell us about any changes to your circumstances, including the Jobcentre Plus, The Pension Service or your landlord. It is your responsibility to tell us.

You may be committing benefit fraud if you choose not to report a change in circumstances.

If you get any other state benefit, you also need to tell Jobcentre Plus about any changes in your circumstances.

Please provide full details including the date the change occurred. You may need to provide proof of the change.

If your benefits are overpaid we will ask you to pay the money back.

Change of circumstances for benefits - examples

Here are some example change of circumstances that you must tell us about.

  1. Starting to get Income Support or any other type of State Benefit
  2. No longer getting Income Support or any other type of State Benefit
  3. Wages going up or down
  4. Capital, savings and or investments going up or down
  5. Any of your children leaving school
  6. Moving home (this includes if you move to another flat or room at the same address)
  7. Birth of a child
  8. Going into hospital
  9. Going into a rest home
  10. Other people, including a partner coming to live with you.

If something has changed and you need to tell us please use the Change in Circumstances form below.

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Change of circumstances - Pension Credit

If you and your partner have reached pension age and get Pension Credit you must tell the Department of Work and Pensions if your income, capital or other circumstances change. They can then recalculate your entitlement so you get the correct amount.

A list of the changes you need to tell the pension service can be found here.

If the change is something which was not included in your Pension Credit calculation, you must tell us using the report a change in circumstances form below, not the Pension Service.

You will need to tell us about the following changes if they happen:

  1. Changes in your tenancy
  2. Moving home
  3. Non-dependants and who is living with you
  4. Dependent children
  5. Working Tax Credit
  6. Capital, savings and or investments of more than £16,000 if you are getting Savings Credit only
  7. Income and capital of partner which has not been included in the Pension Credit claim
  8. Going into hospital
  9. Going into a rest home


If you have been overpaid Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support, we will write and tell you:

  • that there is an overpayment and the reason
  • the amount of the overpayment
  • how we worked out the overpayment

  • who the overpayment is recoverable from and at what rate

If you are still receiving Housing Benefit we will make a deduction from your ongoing weekly payments and this will be explained in your overpayment letter.

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Report a change in circumstances

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