Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate

Warning Sign Tiny Please be advised that this year if you are in receipt of Council Tax Support (Council Tax Benefit) we are not issuing 'year end' letters for it this year, to save money by reducing waste and duplication.

Warning Sign Tiny We are currently experiencing a high workload that's impacting on the time it's taking to process benefits, you do not have to contact us, your claim will be in progress.

To make an application for Council Tax Support or Second Adult Rebate you will need to fill in a form and provide evidence to prove your circumstances.

We can't pay any money until you have done this, so the quicker you give us your evidence the sooner you will get your payments.

We will write to you and tell you whether you qualify, how much support you will receive, and the date your support will start from.

You cannot claim Council Tax Support if you have capital over £16,000, unless you or your partner are in receipt of Guaranteed Pension Credit.

Second Adult Rebate is available if you share your home with someone who is over 18, on a low income, is not a partner or a paying lodger and is not already exempt from Council Tax (see below). It is based wholly on the income and other circumstances of the second adult or more if there is more than one extra adult. In this case, your income and other circumstances (such as capital) are not relevant.


Make your benefit claim online here. If you cannot complete this form online, please contact us.

Bring us your evidence

Bring your evidence in to any of our customer service centres. 

If an illness or disability is preventing you from visiting us, we can visit you at home so please contact us.

Contact us

Contact us here.

Policy document

Here is our full Council Tax reduction scheme policy.