Additional Telecare Options

NEW Lifeline can supply a range of telecare sensors and other equipment which will work alongside your Lifeline unit to provide additional reassurance and peace of mind for you and your family.

Flood Detector

This detector can be placed by the sink, bath or shower and will send out an early  warning to our Monitoring Centre to prevent possible flood in your home. Helpful if you are worried about leaving a tap running

Smoke Detector

If smoke is detected in your home this alarm will raise an instant call to our Monitoring Centre who will immediately contact the Emergency Services for you. It is quick and easy to install with no wiring necessary

Temperature Extremes Sensor

This sensor will alert our Monitoring Centre of any significant change in household temperature, hot or cold, which could lead to unhealthy living conditions. It also provides advanced warnings of fire hazards; as unlike smoke detectors it can be sited in smoke rich environments such as kitchens and can also raise an alert when the room temperature falls to low levels that could result in burst pipes.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

This sensor detects the presence of Carbon Monoxide in a room and will alert our Monitoring Centre if the levels are dangerously high. Carbon Monoxide cannot be smelt or tasted.

Fall Detector

This sensor detects if you have had a serious fall and is suitable for service users who suffer from blackouts etc. and are unable to raise an alarm call by pressing their pendant. It automatically sends an alert to our Monitoring Centre who will respond appropriately.

Key Safe

NEW Lifeline can supply and fit a  secure key safe outside your property. Once fitted a key is safely stored inside and the details of the location and code of the key safe is held securely in our Monitoring Centre database. The details are only given out to an authorised person if an emergency occurs. A key safe not only reduces the time taken to enter your home in an emergency but also avoids having to use the police to force an entry which can cause a lot of damage and inconvenience.

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