Gyms & fitness

Our gym members have free access to lots of great exercise classes - join today!

  1. Members can book classes up to seven days in advance, non members up to 48 hours in advance
  2. Demand for classes is high! If you aren't coming to a class you've booked, please text your cancellation to 07795 665 465 at least 24 hours beforehand to give someone else the opportunity to take your place. If you don’t show up and haven’t cancelled, we may not let you book any more classes for at least seven days
  3. Please arrive 5 minutes before the class starts - for health and safety reasons please do not enter a studio if a class has already started
  4. Always advise the instructor if you have any injuries or health conditions they need to be aware of
  5. All classes and timetables are reviewed regularly and in response to customer demand.