Children & Young People Funding

Are you an organisation that wants to engage young people in sport?

  • The CYP funding is aimed at people who are not particularly sporty but would like to get more active.
  • The funding is inclusive and targets a variety of young people including those who are female, have a disability and people from black and minority ethnic groups.
  • The funding can be used to help cover the cost of coaches, incentives, equipment, facilities costs and much more.
  • The programme offers six-to-eight weeks' worth of coaching sessions in a variety of sports and physical activity.

Yoga at  HoW College in Redditch

A group of young women have taken part in a six week beginners yoga class, which was funded by Redditch Borough council in a bid to get the young people more active as the majority taking part where active for less than 30 minutes a week. The class was run in the college to make it accessible to the young people and free mats were provided as an incentive for completing at least 5 out of six weeks, enabling them to continue at home or in a locally run class.  


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