Get involved in a Section 106 Agreement

We want to hear the views of local people, including on Section 106 Agreements, as part of a balanced approach to sustainable development.

If you live on or adjacent to a proposed development, you may receive a letter asking for your views as part of the planning application process. You can also access applications and make comments online here.

The kinds of things we know we will need if new homes are developed - from more schools to better roads – are set out in planning policy in the Local Development Framework. On top of this we also consult various people on certain aspects of Section 106 Agreements, including:

  1. Your elected representatives
  2. Residents living on or near the developments in question
  3. Local interest groups to the developments in question
  4. Our staff including in leisure, environmental, housing, community safety teams
  5. Utility companies
  6. Schools
  7. Other public agencies e.g. Worcestershire County Council, West Mercia Police, Network Rail, Hereford and Worcester Fire Service

Comment on a planning application

You can view and comment on applications here.

Contact us

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