WRS18001 Dog Owners Facing Vet Bills Urged To Seek Help (1)

A Worcestershire Dog Warden was left shocked and disgusted after a stray who had gone blind was picked up in the Wyre Forest area.

Doodlebug, who is an elderly Labrador, was in pain, emaciated, could hardly walk and wasn’t microchipped, was found just before Christmas.

She spent a few days at the vet where she was also treated for diabetes and is now in a loving foster home.

Worcestershire Regulatory Services Dog Warden and Animal Welfare Officer, Pip Singleton, said: “I have been doing this job for so many years you would think I would have become hardened to seeing such sights. Yet I still find it shocking that someone could do this to such a beautiful creature who, I am guessing, had eye problems and the vet bills perhaps became too much for the owners.

“It’s 2018, we should not be seeing such levels of neglect and cruelty which ultimately costs the taxpayer to fix.

“I cannot stress any more that if you have a pet that you cannot cope with or afford, then let us know and we can help.”

If you need help with your pet or have information about Doodlebug’s previous owners or any other animal who you fear is being mistreated, please call the Dog Warden Service on 01905 822799.