Thoughtless dog owners could be costing tax payers hundreds of pounds, and depriving youngsters of fun at child swings at a Redditch park.

For the third time since August the seat of the toddler swing has been damaged at Arrow Valley Country Park.

Officers believe the tough rubber seats are being used to train dogs who are biting the equipment to a state where it cannot be used.

Redditch Borough Council’s Parks Officer Jackie Boreham said: “The swing is covered in bite marks to such an extent that most of the seat is missing!

“It’s unfortunate as not only do the swing seats cost £75 each to replace, but there’s the time when the swings are out of action and cannot be used by toddlers.

“At the end of the day this is vandalism and we are urging park-users to be report any incidents of this nature – or even better, if it is a dog, for owner to stop acting so thoughtlessly.”

If you do spot anything report it to parks@bromsgroveandredditch.gov.uk