Redditch Extra

Adverts for a range of useful services you might not know you can get from Redditch Borough Council have been included in this year’s Council Tax bill.

The ‘Redditch Extra’ leaflet includes important information about your Council Tax and a catalogue of council services that you can choose to pay for rather than them being paid for through the Council Tax.

It includes services like building control and bulky waste collections as well as less well-known services like MOT testing, contents insurance for council tenants, pool parties and more.

The leaflet is designed to ensure residents are informed about these local services, which they might find useful and which provide income to the council to help sustain local services.

Cllr Bill Hartnett, Leader of Redditch Borough Council, said: “Doing more promotion of the paid-for services we offer is one part of the council’s response to the very tough financial conditions we continue to face.

“We hope that by raising awareness of the extra services we provide, we will prompt some extra business. We’re being that bit more commercially-minded and of course any extra income to the council all supports services here in Redditch. And as we also offer a range of services to business, we’re also including a small brochure in with the Business Rates bills.”

As well as promotions, the Redditch Extra residents will receive includes important financial information from Worcestershire County Council.

Redditch Borough Council will charge £227.21 for its part of the Council Tax on a Band D property this year, an increase of £5 (2.25%).