Repairs to your home

As tenant or leaseholder and landlord, together we share responsibility for the upkeep and repair of your home. Please report repairs to us as soon as possible.

If you are a leaseholder with us, you own and are responsible for the interior of your property. Any repairs we do the exterior of the property, building, or estate will be charged for in your Annual Service Charge bill in accordance with your lease.

When you report a repair to us, we will discuss it in detail to be able to decide how serious it is. Sometimes we will also need to inspect your property.

If damage has been caused by you or anyone in your home it is your responsibility to arrange for it to be repaired. If we have to repair it, we will charge you for the full cost of the repair and administration.

If damage is caused by a break-in or vandalism, we will make your home safe. A Police Crime Number will be required for us to carry out further repairs for you.

Report a boiler repair

See our gas boilers and central heating page. Please report all other non-gas related repairs below.

Report a non-gas repair

Send the request direct to us using the form below

As a Local Authority we collect, hold and process information supplied by you in accordance with the Data Protection Act, to allow us to provide services effectively. You can find out more regarding this and our fair processing notices here.

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