Covered by your service charge

Your service charge includes a building insurance policy that covers risks such as fire, explosion, malicious damage, storm and tempest, flood and burst pipes. Mortgage companies may require proof of insurance cover and details of the policy. If you need the details, please contact us. Please note building insurance is not home contents insurance.

Your service charge also includes maintenance and repair of the following, where applicable:

The estate

  1. Communal grounds, gardens, paths & private roads 
  2. Drains & gullies 
  3. The drying area

The block

  1. Foundations & Drains 
  2. Pipes supplying mains water up to & including the main stop cock in

Individual flats

  1. Wiring for communal TV up to & including the aerial socket 
  2. Roof & gutters, rainwater pipes 
  3. Roof timbers 
  4. Floor joists 
  5. External fixtures, fittings & equipment 
  6. External walls including window frames 
  7. Entrance doors to individual flats (except the door furniture)
  8. Caretaking & cleansing

If the flat is supplied with heating and hot water from a centrally located boiler, we own and maintain the entire system and you pay part of the cost.

Request a routine repair to anything covered by the service charge here.

Not covered by your service charge

You own and are responsible for the interior of your property. It is therefore your responsibility to maintain and repair the following, which are not covered by your service charge:

  1. Individual heating systems & appliances 
  2. Internal doors 
  3. Sanitary fittings 
  4. Plumbing & pipe work within the property 
  5. Internal fixtures fittings & equipment 
  6. Internal decorations, including plaster covering the walls 
  7. Floor coverings 
  8. Ceilings (but not joists or beams) 
  9. The windows including the glazing (but not the frames)

You need our permission to make major changes such as taking down an internal wall or replacing windows, as the structure or safety of the building could be affected. In these cases please contact us.