Proposed changes to how council houses are allocated

We are proposing changes to the way we allocate our housing, and you can now have your say on the proposals.

A review of our existing Housing Allocations Policy is taking place to incorporate relevant legislation and regulations introduced since the last review as well as improvements on how officers work with people in housing need.

Before the new draft policy is put before borough councillors for approval, residents are invited to comment on the proposals. The changes include:

  • The current ‘Priority’ and ‘Gold’ bands to be amalgamated into a single ‘Gold’ band
  • All applicants to have an interview with a Housing Options Officer to discuss their housing needs and the available housing options, to come to a housing decision together before joining the housing register
  • All applicants in the ‘Gold’ band to be directly matched to a suitable offer of accommodation following that interview process, rather than going on to bid on properties
  • Applicants for whom the council has accepted a duty under homelessness legislation to be made a single offer of suitable accommodation.

Have your say

Here's the new draft Housing Allocations Policy 2017.

If you would like to comment on anything in it, please email your comments to us here by 5pm on Thursday July 20.

Contact us

Contact our Housing Options team here. Please note that the Housing Options team will be unable to receive your comments about this policy matter, so do please make sure to only send your comments to the special email address given above.