Warning Sign Tiny Reddicard will be replaced by the Active Redditch Card in January.

The Reddicard provides discount savings on all sorts of activities and things to do in Redditch.

As a Reddicard holder you can enjoy free or discounted prices and priority booking across our facilities, including:

  1. Swimming
  2. The Palace Theatre
  3. Sports centre sessions
  4. Forge Mill Museum
  5. Bordesley Abbey.

We also offer Family, Student and Senior Reddicards, and there are Concessionary Reddicards if you are receiving certain benefits or looking for work.

Reddicard prices

As the Reddicard scheme is ending on January 8, the price is currently worked out pro-rota to that date based on the full year price.

Type of Reddicard

£ per year

Adult resident (16 - 60)


Junior resident (5 - 16)


Couples resident (2 adults)


Family resident (2 adults 3 children)


Senior (60+)


Student (16+ in full time education)




Adult concession


Junior concession


Family concession


Adult non-resident


Junior non-resident


Family non-resident


Commercial block


Development block


Buy a Reddicard

Please visit or speak to us at the Abbey Stadium

You’ll need to complete one of these application forms which we can provide. Terms and conditions are set out on the form. Remember to bring evidence if you are applying for a Student or Concessionary Reddicard!


For student applications you must show your enrolment form or student card.

For concessionary applications you must show evidence that you receive of one or more of:

  1. Job Seekers Allowance
  2. Income Support
  3. Housing Benefit
  4. Council Tax Support
  5. Disability Working Allowance
  6. Incapacity Benefit
  7. Invalidity Benefit
  8. Working Tax Credit
  9. NHS prescription exemption