Go Online

Access to the internet is increasingly an essential part of everyday life, and we are committed to helping you to go online and make your life easier!

As well as help with council services we also provide tailored support for you so you can become confident in using the internet in other ways, like staying in touch with friends and family, shopping, paying bills and lots more.


There are so many reasons to use the internet. Here are just some of them. Why not come and visit us?

  1. Staying in touch
  2. Saving time and money when shopping
  3. Researching a hobby or your family history
  4. Learning new skills
  5. Accessing services or paying bills
  6. Being entertained
  7. Finding useful information

UK Online Centre.

Redditch Borough Council is now a UK Online Centre, centre ID 3457697.

We are working to tackle digital and social exclusion by providing people with the skills and confidence they need to access digital technology.

Offering FREE internet access in our Customer Service Centres at Redditch Town Hall, Winyates Ones Stop Shop and Woodrow One Stop Shop, along with the help and support people need to use it.  Promoting Learn My Way a resource of FREE courses on using a computer, to enable self development at your own pace.

Topics include:

  • Using your device - Using a Keyboard, mouse, touchscreen
  • Online Basics - Using the internet, online forms, email, search engines
  • Online Safety - Staying safe and secure online
  • More Skills - Facebook, using a digital camera, watching and listening online

Be a champion to others

Could you join us and an existing UK network of over 15,000 digital champions? Anyone can do it. All you need is a bit of spare time and commitment to support friends and others in your community to enjoy the benefits that basic online skills bring.

If you or someone you know would like to find out more about this exciting role here are our contact details